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The Shark 600 is a revolutionary design which captures the excitement of a military style tandem seat flight deck, with the comfort and convenience you want from a superb cross-country cruiser.


What sets the Shark 600 apart is a strong commitment to safety without compromising performance. The aircraft has achieved multiple world records and is an aircraft you need to see and experience.



The Shark factory is located in Europe in the country of Slovakia. The Region is well known for producing some of the highest quality and innovative designs in the world. Shark Aero s.r.o. has a long history in the industry producing composite structures for Diamond Aircraft. Their manufacturing expertise and production capabilities were an instrumental part of how the Shark 600 became one of the top performing and safest sport aircraft in the world. Using tried and true methods, the factory manufactures the entire airframe in house, including welded components like landing gear and engine mounts. Only very specific parts like avionics, engines, and propellers are produced outside the Shark factory.

One of the most innovative features of the Shark 600 is in the design and use of 3D printed parts in non-critical areas. The factory has made good use of this technology to facilitate and streamline production in areas that would be cost prohibitive or time consuming. Some great examples of visible parts are the stick and throttle.

Shark welcomes pre-arranged visits to the factory, especially for new owners who would like a factory check ride. Visitors can fly into Vienna, rent a car and drive about one and a half hours to Senica where the factory is located. The staff are very happy to provide you with a tour while you fly your new plane and enjoy the stunning local countryside. Check out the factory video tour for a look at how the Shark is hand-built with precision and the highest quality standards.

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